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How Can We Help You?

How Can I Order a New or Replacement Bearing?
Contact us with your application details and we will make sure you get the right material, design, and installation guidance for your application.
Where Are Thordon Bearings Made?
Thordon manufactures all of the bearing materials right here in Canada. The main factory and head office is located in Burlington, Ontario and is a 4th generation, family-owned Canadian business.
How long has Millstream Engineering been in business?
Millstream Engineering was formed in early 2021, and builds on our teams 20+ years of experience solving problems with rotating equipment.
What certifications does Millstream Engineering hold?
Millstream Engineering holds a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineer’s Ontario, allowing us to offer engineering services in the province of Ontario. Both founding partners of Millstream are licensed Professional Engineers (P. Eng).
Can Millstream Engineering provide references or case studies for previous projects?
Absolutely! We have enough reading material to fill a library, so if you are interested to receive some case studies or technical papers that would be relevant to your field or equipment, please contact us.
What is Millstream Engineering's approach to sustainability?
As residents of Earth, we are committed to building a business that recognizes the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment and taking action to reduce waste in our production activities. Millstream is proud to be representing Thordon Bearings – the world leader in oil & grease-free bearing solutions – helping to eliminate pollution from our waterways and lakes by removing greased bearings from the mechanical equipment that is operating in them.
What is Millstream Engineering's process for taking on a new project?
Every project is unique in some way, but in general we take the following approach to any new project: Listen to the customer's needs & work to understand the problem Research, ask questions, develop some options Propose a couple of options, highlighting strengths & drawbacks of each option Once preferred option is agreed upon, implement the solution Follow up on the results to learn if any further improvements can be made Provide on-going after-sale service & support
What is the lead time for Millstream Engineering's engineering solutions? 
Lead time depends on complexity of the request, but typically we will respond to the first inquiry within 1-2 days. Working to understand the problem and propose a solution can take from several hours to several weeks, depending on the availability of required background information (dimensions, application details, etc.). Manufacturing the required components will typically take from 2 – 3 weeks for smaller jobs, and up to 16 weeks for complex or large components. From the first contact with Millstream, we will do our best to keep you well informed about expected timelines for your project.
What is the warranty policy for Millstream Engineering's engineering solutions?
Most of the products and brands that we represent will have some standard warranty terms. Each product line is different, but we are happy to share this information with our customers at the time of providing a quote.
What's a "Millstream"?
A mill stream historically would have been the waterway leading up to a sawmill, grist mill, or other water powered mill of some sort. As our business is strongly linked with hydropower in Canada, we felt this was a good link back to the earliest water powered machinery that helped advance industrialization in Canada.
Can Millstream Visit My Site or Plant?
Of course! The best way to understand a tricky bearing or sealing challenge is to see it in real-life, so we are always happy to arrange a visit to your power station, factory site, or equipment location to try to help identify how we can help. Send us a note via the contact form or give us a call and we'll set it up.
Can Millstream Help With Machining?
We are available to help provide guidance for your own machine shop or contractor, or we can coordinate with local partners that we work with to take care of machining of the finished parts for you.
What industries does Millstream Engineering serve?
Millstream Engineering works across many industries, including Hydropower, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Forestry, Materials Handling, Food & Beverage, and many more. If there is some kind of heavy machinery with rotating or moving components requiring regular maintenance, there is probably something that we can help you with!
What types of engineering solutions does Millstream Engineering offer?
We focus primarily on rotating equipment, solving maintenance and reliability problems with shaft seals, bearings, bushings, hinge points, pivots, sliding wear pads, etc.
Can Millstream Engineering work on projects outside of Canada?
The Millstream team has worked on many projects with international customers, and we are always happy to take a look to see if we can be of assistance. We also have an extensive network of contacts around the world, so if we can’t help you we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.
Does Millstream Engineering have experience working on large-scale projects?
The team at Millstream have worked on a wide range of projects, large & small. We have a trusted network of supply partners within Canada who we can work with for larger projects, ensuring that we have the resources and equipment to support the requirements.
How does Millstream Engineering stay up to date with the latest engineering technology and trends?
The team at Millstream frequently attend (and deliver) technical training seminars and conferences to help share knowledge of the latest success stories and case studies. We maintain a presence at several different trade shows and events to understand our customer’s industries. We read, a lot! Keeping current through online news and industry technology publications is important to stay current in a constantly evolving technical field.