Pumps solutions custom engineered for your industry.

pump_refurb housing (600x340)

Customized for modernization, enhanced efficiency & increased reliability

Comprehensive pump bearing solutions for new equipment or for refurbishing existing pumps.  Let Millstream help you upgrade your rubber bearings to extend time between bearing replacements, or get away from oil-lubrication systems by using Thordon material grades and lubricate with the process fluid.

ThorPlas for Chemical Pumps (325x225)

ThorPlas-Blue for Chemical Pumping

Replace Lineshaft Bearings (325x225)

Replace Worn Lineshaft Bearings

Pump_wear ring (325x225)

Wear Ring Replacement

pump_vertical refurb split (325x225)

Split Bearing Refurbishment


Upper Bearing

pump_refurb housing (325x225)

Bearing & Housing Replacement

pump_lineshaft (325x225)

SXL Replacement Bearings


Inclined Pump Bearings

pump_dry start SXL (325x225)

Dry-start With Thordon SXL

pump_composite (325x225)

Abrasive Resistance with Thordon Composite

Circulating Pump (325x225)

Circulating Pump Bearings

Circulating Pump SXL (325x225)

New Bearings for Old Pumps