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Aneya Foundries

Expertise in Centrifugal Casting of Custom Copper Alloys to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Aneya Foundries represented by Millstream Engineering

Offering competitive pricing for fully finished bronze components, with a wide range alloys available!

Millstream Engineering is proud to offer centrifugal cast bronze products from AFPL to the Canadian market.  AFPL is the foremost expert in centrifugal casting, offering an extensive range of copper alloys, from Tin Bronze and Phosphorous Bronze to Aluminum Bronze and Gun Metals. These alloys, meticulously cast, adhere precisely to customer specifications.

AFPL’s impressive capabilities encompass a diameter range from 100mm to 1000mm and lengths up to 4 meters, with weights from 20kg to 3000kg, ensuring that we can meet the requirements of a diverse range of projects for Marine, Industrial & Hydropower customers.

Review just a few of the possible applications in the images below!

Gearbox Bushing

300mm OD, with integrated grease passages

Crosshead Bushing

250mm (10") OD x 500mm (20") length

Wrist-Pin Bushing

75mm (3") OD, with grease groove

Square Sliding Block - Steering Gear

260mm (10.5") x 250mm (10") x 150mm (6")

Split Bronze Flange

Complete with Mounting Holes

Thrust Washer

With Lubrication Groove

Marine Propulsion - Shaft Sleeve

585mm (23") OD x 2m (72") length

Double Flanged Bushing

410mm (16") OD x 240mm (9.5") length

Heavy Flanged Bushing

With Integrated Seal Grooves

Flanged Bearing Housing

With Split Retaining Ring

Complex Hollow Shapes

Using Sand Casting Methods

Custom End Covers for Chiller

635mm (25") OD x 225mm (9") Length

Rotor Lock Bushing

355mm (14") OD x 355mm (14") Length

Bronze Stator Rings

280mm (11") OD, fitted with anti-rotation pins

Custom Flanged Bearing Housing

For Water Lubricated Bearing

We are capable of supplying components in many different copper alloy grades, including:

  • Tin Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Gun Metal

Additional grades may be available, please inquire about your specific requirement !

Offering faster deliveries with an extensive alloy stock and steel dies!

Our valued partner, Aneya Foundries (AFPL) is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004 & ISO 18001: 2007 certified foundry, manufacturing high quality Non-Ferrous Centrifugal Castings (Bronze & other Copper alloys) The castings manufactured confirm to international standards such as IS, BS, SAE, DIN & ASTM or even special grades as per clients specification and requirements.


Quality procedures are approved to ISO 9001 standards and AFPL hold approvals for numerous institutions, organizations and 3rd party assurance bodies.

Technical and laboratory teams include fully trained and qualified technicians who are responsible for material analysis of the alloying processes or to check certified melt stock. This ensures that all material meets not only the chemical requirements of our customers’ orders but also provides traceability through to the furnace batch itself. All melts are given their own unique melt number and records are kept by the Quality Control department.

We can offer the following tests / processes and provide certification where required:

  • Chemical Analysis (In house spectrometers)
  • Mechanical Testing (In house UTM)
  • Hardness Testing (In house Hardness Tester)
  • Dye/Liquid Penetrant Examination (on-site testing, qualified to Levels 1 & 2)
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiography (Xray) Testing
  • Dimensional Inspection (In house CMM)
  • Pressure/Hydraulic Testing (In house Test bench)
  • Outside witness (3rd party) inspection
horizontal and vertical spinning machines


AFPL has a range of horizontal and vertical spinning machines which are supported by five different capacity furnaces. Combined annual capacity of AFPL in terms of pouring weight is 500+ tons with maximum cast weight of 3,000 kgs.


  • Furnaces are available in capacities ranging from 125 kg up to 3000 Kgs.


  • Capable of handling finished weight of castings up to 2100 kgs.
  • Maximum Length up to 4 metres, at a diameter of 500mm. (Dia will increase with reduction in length)
  • Maximum Diameter up to 1000 mm, at a length of 1000mm


We can offer our customers fully-machined or proof-machined components, ranging from 100mm to 1000mm in diameter, and up to 4000mm long.  The machining shop includes CNC milling and turning equipment, as well as large vertical lathes.