Our Values & Who We Are

Our Values & Who We Are

Vision, Values & Commitment

Our Vision & Values

and Where We’ve Come From

Our vision for the company is to be recognized by our customers across Canada as their trusted technical advisor to solve bearing and sealing related challenges. We will deliver genuine value with our combination of exceptional products and creative solutions, and strive to be the “go-to” authority for rotating equipment in the hydropower and industrial markets.
Make Our Customer's Life Easy
Be Honest & Transparent
Strive For Excellence In Everything We Do
Offer Products That We Believe In
Keep Learning & Challenging Ourselves
Deliver What We Say We Will

Who We Are

Greg Auger, P. Eng.

Co-founder & Commercial Director
Greg is a Mechanical Engineer, with 20 years of experience in Testing, Product Design, and Application engineering of mechanical components and systems typically found in Hydropower and Industrial equipment, as well as sales of technical and custom engineered manufactured products to Hydro utilities, equipment manufacturers, and other industrial customers.

Alina Stepanians, P. Eng.

Co-founder & Technical Director
Alina is a Mechanical Engineer with 16 years of experience, as well as an experienced project manager, with knowledge and expertise in plastic and metal manufacturing, machining, casting, and fabrication. She has been involved in leading research & development activities, mechanical design, prototyping, testing, and working with a wide range of complex mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems.

Our Path of Experience

Where We’ve Come From

  • 1990
    Early Inspirations
    Interest in waterpower, mechanical systems, and machinery of all sorts led the founders to both pursue a technical education, and eventual work as Mechanical Engineers.
  • 2000
    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Pursue Technical Education
    A technical education provided the solid foundation to build upon.
  • 2010
    Gain Some Life and Work Experience
    Moving in to the working world, the Millstream team gained valuable experience in different industries, varying technical and commercial roles, business experience, and the all-important life experience.
  • 2012
    turbine parts
    Take On Engineering Challenges
    Working on a wide range of technical assignments and projects has ensured that the Millstream team has the depth of experience and knowledge to approach and solve your mechanical equipment challenges with confidence.
  • 2015
    kaplan turbine
    Work Closely With Customers
    The experience of working closely with customers on projects in over 30 countries around the world, at all business levels has helped the Millstream team to learn to effectively communicate and collaborate with customers to clearly understand their needs and expectations for a successful outcome.
  • 2020
    bulb turbine
    Learning From Experience
    Applying skills and knowledge through extensive involvement in hundreds of bearing and seal installations with customers in a wide range of market segments, the founders have gained invaluable experience with seals and bearings.
  • 2021
    Bring It All Together - Millstream is Formed!
    The natural progression of this sequence of experience was to develop the vision, plan, and then launch Millstream Engineering. This next step brings everything together and offers customers a unique combination of practical experience, carefully chosen products, and the depth of technical knowledge to effectively solve mechanical equipment problems.