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Water & Wastewater

Increasing Equipment Uptime And Eliminate Costly Greasing

Comprehensive solutions with the Service & Engineering support you need

Sewage and wastewater treatment processes all involve treatment of dirty, abrasive laden fluids. A variety of mechanical operations utilizing specialized equipment ranging from pumps to screens to various types of conveyors are used. All the moving components of this equipment are exposed to operating conditions which, at best, can be described as extreme – highly abrasive and corrosive. Thordon bearings, bushings and wear components offer proven solutions that significantly reduce maintenance costs and related down time compared to traditional materials.

Dewatering Equipment - Roll Bearings

Replace greased roller bearings with a grease-free solution using ThorPlas-Blue.

Fluid Handling - Valve Stem Bushings

Upgrade bronze valve stem bushings to self-lubricated ThorPlas-Blue to reduce maintenance!

Screw Conveyors - Hanger Bearings

Upgrade hanger bearings to extend time between service, using Thordon elastomer materials.

Screening Equipment - Sliding Pads, Bushings, etc.

Improve reliability and wear life of submerged moving components in traveling screen equipment. Upgrade UHMWPE with Thor-Flex wear strips, as well as ThorPlas-Blue bushings to replace roller bearings in pivots and rotating shaft supports.

Settling Tank Equipment - Wear Shoes

Extend wear shoe life by replacing OEM nylon or low-grade plastic with a much tougher ThorFlex elastomer grade.

Grit Removal - Bushings, Bearing & Wear Shoes

Improve wear life of bushings, bearings, and wear pads in a range of equipment including screw conveyors, paddles, chain drags, etc.

Aeration Equipment - Rotating Components

Extend service intervals on rotating screens or scum collector equipment by replacing worn out bushings with Thordon SXL elastomer or ThorPlas-Blue for higher loads.

Digestors - Mixer Shaft Bearings

Upgade existing shaft support bearings on mixers and agitators with Thordon Composite or SXL elastomer grades.

Agitators - Shaft Support Bearings

Water lubricated shaft bearings are a proven technology for supporting vertical or horizontal drive shafts. Use Thordon SXL or Composite material grades instead of bronze or low-grade plastics.

Conveying & De-Watering Equipment

Improve reliability of conveying equipment with grease-free pillow block or flanged bearing assemblies. For sludge & biosolids transfer, conveyor bearings or slide pads can be upgraded to outperform existing materials.

Rotary Clarifier - Cog Roller Wheel Bushings

Use Thorplas-Blue as a low-friction replacement for bronze or nylon bushings, and extend wear life and reduce downtime.

Vertical Pumps - Impeller Wear Rings

Pump wear rings at a wastewater treatment plant often have a short wear life due to abrasives in the pumped fluid. Replacing wear rings with Thordon SXL material can improve pump efficiency, extend wear life, and reduce maintenance costs.

Biosolids / Cake Conveyor - Hanger Bearings

Thordon SXL elastomer or ThorPlas-Blue can replace greased roller bearing. Quick and easy overhaul with self-lubricated inserts and stainless steel shaft sleeve. Wiper seals prevent debris entry into the bearing space.

Dewatering Equpiment - Pillow Block Bearings

Roller bearings often suffer from a short life when water is washing out the grease and causes premature failure. Upgrading with ThorPlas-Blue can allow these pillow-block assemblies to outlast the original roller bearings by months or even years!

Scum Collector - Shaft End Support Bearings

ThorPlas-Blue is a perfect replacement for the previous PTFE bearings. This upgrade offers a longer service life and reduced downtime.

Chain Drive - Non-Metallic Sprockets

Upgrade existing plastic drive or idler sprockets with Thordon elastomer materials to improve durability of the sprocket and reduce wearing of the chain!

Flocculator Paddle Wheel - Shaft Support Bearings

Thordon SXL elastomer was used for the split bearings supporting the large paddle wheels due to its excellent resistance to abrasion and ability to perform well in wet environments. The durable Thordon SXL elastomer has been in service for over 10 years, surpassing expectations for longevity in the abrasive environment.

Drum Screen - Main Shaft Support Bearings

This custom solution included radial bearings using Thordon SXL elastomer fitted into flanged bronze housings as well as thrust washers fitted from the same elastomer material. After upgrading the original bronze bushings, service life is greatly improved.