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The Millstream Advantage

The Millstream Advantage. Engineered Solutions You Can Depend Upon

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Our Process Drives Results

From our experience working with a wide range of applications and industries, we know that every customer’s situation is unique. The solutions that we develop need to be designed to suit those unique requirements. Following an established process helps to identify the underlying problem not just the symptoms. In collaboration with our customers, we can then arrive at a solution that makes sense.

Step 1 - Listen & Understand

The Millstream team will take the time to listen and try to understand the full scope of the problem to be solved, before jumping to solutions.

Step 2 - Research & Plan Solution(s)

The Millstream team will research and plan several ways to solve the problem so that we can propose options considering different time, cost, and technical aspects.

Step 3 - Propose Solution(s)

The Millstream team will propose several solutions, outlining the differences between them to help converge on the preferred design.

Step 4 - Implement & Execute

The Millstream team will work with our customers to implement the chosen solution.

Step 5 - Follow Up on Results

The Millstream team will follow up after implementation to verify that the expected results have been achieved.

Step 6 - After Sales Service & Support

With the Millstream team's range of capabilities and experience, our customers can count on our continued support after the sale.
Our Values are the Cornerstone of Our Success

Strive For Excellence In Everything We Do

At Millstream we hold ourselves to the highest of business and ethical standards, and we strive for excellence in everything we do.

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