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Heavy Equipment

Increasing Equipment Uptime And Eliminate Costly Greasing

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The possible applications for self-lubricating and water lubricated bearings are almost endless!  A selection of examples are highlighted here to give some ideas where Thordon bearing materials have been successfully installed and used to eliminate oil and grease, and extend equipment uptime. These durable bearing solutions are designed to replace greased bronze or plastics in a wide range of heavy equipment applications.

Scrap Metal - Grapple Pivot Bushings

Fit ThorPlas-Blue bushings in place of bronze to eliminate greasing!

Haul Truck - Stabilizer Pivot Bushings

Upgrade to Thordon self-lubricated bearings instead of traditional greased bronze.

Tracked Vehicle - Idler Bearing

Use self-lubricated bearings to improve wear life and durability of idler wheel bearings.

Excavator - Pivot Bushings

Fit ThorPlas-Blue bushings in place of bronze to eliminate greasing!

Front End Loader - Hinge Bushings

Fit ThorPlas-Blue bushings in place of bronze to eliminate greasing!

Heavy Lift Crane - Support Rollers

ThorPlas-Blue grease-free bearings were fitted to replace problematic greased roller bearings in this low speed/high load rotating application.

Articulating Forklift - Center Pivot Bushing

ThorPlas-Blue trunnion bearings replaced greased bronze, offering superior performance with easy maintenance. Nylatron failed in 6 months, but now 30 machines run smoothly with our advanced solution!

Motor Grader - Scraper Edge

Use tough Thordon elastomer material wear strips to extend wear life of blade edges.

Excavator - Pivot Bushings

Replace greased bronze pivot bushings with ThorPlas-Blue for extended service intervals.

Heavy Haul Truck - King Pin Bushings

Thordon SXL bearings replaced bronze on this 41 Ton haul truck, and achieved a 25% improvement in time between replacements!

Caterpillar 615-C Motor Scraper Bearings

Bob Hick Earthmoving NZ faced issues with steel bearings in elevator lift support brackets wearing out quickly. Pacific Driveline suggested ThorPlas-Blue bearings for the elevator support arms. Greasing was still needed to protect the hardened steel pin from corrosion.

Material Handling - Grapple Pivot Bushings

This customer upgraded to ThorPlas-Blue grapple bearings as a direct replacement for bronze bearings failing from inadequate lubrication.

Log Barge Unloading Crane - Split Spherical Bearing

ThorPlas-Blue was used to eliminate greasing in several large spherical bearing assemblies in this crane equipment.

Material Handling - Grapple Pivots

ThorPlas-Blue survives high shock and impact load, and bearing pressures up to 6500 psi!

Roll-Off Truck - Pivot Bushings

Thordon's HPSXL TRAXL bearings outlasted bronze 8x! 🚀 Upgrade to longer-lasting performance.

Mining - Jumbo Drill Articulation Boom

ThorPlas-Blue bushings were fitted in this single boom jumbo drill on the various pivot points. An excellent upgrade from bronze bushings, offering extended service life.

Transportation: Stabilizer

ThorPlas-Blue replaced failing bronze bearings (lacking grease) with a 1-year life expectancy.

Dump Trailer - Pivot Bushings

In just one year of operation on trailers, ThorPlas-Blue bearings demonstrated exceptional performance, leading to their installation on a second trailer and planned adoption on various other mobile equipment. The success of ThorPlas-Blue has been undeniable.

Transportation: Tractor Pivot Points

ThorPlas-Blue replaced hardened steel in tractor loader pivot point bearings, eliminating the need for greasing. Customer satisfied with performance and expanded use to other applications.

Transportation: Tractor Pivot Points

Replaced Bronze-Aluminum bushings that were wearing very quickly.

Manure Spreader - Pivot Bushings

Initially, the customer was required to grease the bronze pivots frequently due to concerns about the acid environment, despite using a hardened chrome pin. The ThorPlas-Blue replacement bushings have been operating flawlessly.

Bulk Carrier - Truck Trailer

Upgraded to ThorPlas-Blue bushings, reducing repair time from 1 week to just 1 day