Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Increasing Equipment Uptime And Eliminate Costly Greasing

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The possible applications for self-lubricating and water lubricated bearings are almost endless!  A selection of examples are highlighted here to give some ideas where Thordon bearing materials have been successfully installed and used to eliminate oil and grease, and extend equipment uptime. These durable bearing solutions are designed to replace greased bronze or plastics in a wide range of heavy equipment applications.

specialty_grapple bush2 (325x225)

Grapple Pivots

specialty_forklift pivot (325x225)

Forklift Center Pivot

Loader Pivots (325x225)

Loader Bucket Hinge

Loader Bucket (325x225)

Heavy Loader Bucket Hinge

Excavator Pivots (325x225)

Excavator Pivots

Dumptruck (325x225)

Haul Truck Stabilizer Pivots

Crane Rollers (325x225)

Heavy Crane With ThorPlas-Blue

Bombi Idler Wheel (325x225)

Tracked Vehicle Idler Bearing