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Thordon Bearings in Large Valves

Case Study – Thordon Bearings in Large Valves – Butterfly valves, spherical gate valves, etc.

Thordon Bearings in Large Valves

Case Study – Thordon Bearings in Large Valves – Butterfly valves, spherical gate valves, etc.

DEWA’s Downtime Dilemma Solved: A ThorPlas-Blue Case Study

In the heart of Dubai, where reliability and efficiency are paramount, the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) stands as a beacon of excellence in providing essential services to the city and its neighboring regions. However, every institution faces challenges, and DEWA was no exception. When confronted with recurrent maintenance issues in their brine recirculation pump discharge isolation valve, DEWA sought innovative solutions through collaboration. This approach not only resolved the problem but also resulted in substantial time and cost savings. Top of Form

This case study explores DEWA’s journey of overcoming operational hurdles with the adoption of Thordon’s ThorPlas-Blue, showcasing the transformative power of proactive problem-solving.

DEWA's Downtime Dilemma Solved: A ThorPlas-Blue Case Study

Challenge: DEWA’s commitment to ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and water faced a stumbling block with the frequent wear and tear of the fabric-lined metal bushings in their pump discharge isolation valve. The recurring issue led to seized shafts, necessitating bearing replacements every 12 to 15 months. This not only incurred unplanned maintenance costs but also resulted in disruptive downtime. Compounding the problem, the unavailability of spare OEM bushings meant prolonged waiting periods, exacerbating operational setbacks for DEWA.

Case Study – Thordon Bearings in Large Valves – Butterfly valves, spherical gate valves, etc.

Solution: Recognizing the urgent need for a durable and readily available solution, DEWA turned to Thordon’s ThorPlas-Blue, building on their past success with the material in a similar application. Collaborating with Ocean Power International, Thordon’s authorized distributor in the UAE, DEWA swiftly procured ThorPlas-Blue bushings. Renowned for its exceptional wear resistance and machinability, ThorPlas-Blue promised to address DEWA’s challenges effectively. Moreover, with the material readily available in the distributor’s stock, DEWA could bypass the delays associated with waiting for spare parts, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Result: The implementation of ThorPlas-Blue bushings marked a turning point for DEWA, with approximately 10 months of uninterrupted operation and no signs of wear or unexpected downtime. The benefits were evident, with the solution positioned to save DEWA nearly USD $30,000. By eliminating downtime-induced production losses and reducing the labor and machining costs associated with frequent bearing replacements, ThorPlas-Blue emerged as a cost-effective and reliable choice for DEWA’s operational needs.

ThorPlas-Blue bushings

Conclusion: DEWA’s experience with Thordon’s ThorPlas-Blue exemplifies the transformative impact of proactive problem-solving and strategic collaboration. By embracing innovative solutions and leveraging partnerships, DEWA not only resolved a persistent maintenance issue but also reinforced its operational strength and cost-effectiveness. As industries worldwide navigate challenges, DEWA’s journey serves as a testament to the power of ingenuity and collaboration in achieving sustainable and reliable infrastructure solutions.