Engineering Excellence in Wastewater Treatment Solutions

wastewater treatment solutions
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Engineering Excellence in Wastewater Treatment Solutions

When wastewater treatment engineers are looking for solutions to extend their equipment life cycle and increase the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), thereby reducing costs they turn to Thordon Bearings’ superior materials. Time and again, Thordon materials have succeeded where rubber, nylon, UHMWPE, acetal or plastics have fallen short. Wastewater treatment facilities demand components and bushings that survive a harsh corrosive environment known for grit, sludge, debris, organic sediments and clarifying chemicals. In these humid environments, bearings and seals are easily destroyed. 

Thordon materials continuously surpass expectations in wastewater treatment settings. ThorPlas-Blue eliminates the need for grease in bronze bushings or wear components. Thordon elastomers, such as SXL and XL, bounce back from applications involving repeated shock and impact loads. Thordon has expertly engineered its bearing materials to resist a wide range of acids, bases, hydrocarbons, salt solutions, oxidizing agents, alcohols, oils, and detergents. Depending on the material grade, the operating temperature ranges from -40°C up to 110°C with a coefficient of friction as low as 0.10 in sliding contact. Thordon materials can support bearing pressures up to 55 MPa (800psi) in low-speed sliding, rotating and oscillating motion applications. Additionally, depending on the application speed, the materials have excellent dry running and self-lubricating characteristics making them an excellent solution in wastewater treatment settings. 

Thordon’s Wastewater Treatment Solutions at Work

The versatility of ThorPlas-Blue is put to the test

The Expensive Problem: The cog roller wheel bushings for a large rotary clarifier were made of nylon. The nylon bushings were wearing out too quickly resulting in expensive downtime to replace them. 

Thordon’s Efficient, Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment Solution: Hardy, low-friction ThorPlas-Blue was used to replace the inefficient nylon bushings. By improving the wear life of the bushings, less frequent repairs were necessary, which minimized costly downtime.  

wastewater treatment solutions

             Cog roller wheel bushings made from Nylon and prone to breakdown

wastewater treatment solutions thorplas blue

    The ThorPlas-Blue Replacement Solution

Pump Impeller Wear Rings in a Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Expensive Problem: Pump impeller wear rings were made of mild steel and the pumps had an impeller of approximately 20” in diameter. The steel wear rings were very rough and didn’t have tight tolerances, thereby lowering the pumps’ efficiency and reducing the wear life of the rings.

Thordon’s Efficient and Cost-Effective Fluid Handling Solution: Thordon’s reliable, long-lasting SXL elastomeric bearing material was utilized to replace the steel wear rings, prolonging wear life, enhancing pump performance, and simplifying wear ring installation and removal. As a result, machine downtime and maintenance expenses were reduced.

pump impueller

                       Pump Impeller

Wear ring replacement

Thordon’s SXL Wear Ring Replacement Solution