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Case Study: Transforming Wastewater Treatment Reliability with Thordon Solutions

Transforming Wastewater Treatment Reliability with Thordon Solutions
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Case Study: Transforming Wastewater Treatment Reliability with Thordon Solutions

Date of Original Installation: Mid-2023
Industry: Sewage & Wastewater

Industry: Sewage & Wastewater

End User: Wastewater Treatment Facility, Ontario, Canada
Application: Biosolids Screw Conveyor – Roller Bearing Upgraded to ThorPlas-Blue, Thordon Grade: ThorPlas-Blue


Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada, a wastewater treatment plant dating back to the 1960s plays a pivotal role in managing around 400 million liters of wastewater daily from a busy Canadian city. Among its many outputs, the plant produces approximately 40 tonnes of nutrient-rich biosolid material per day, serving as valuable agricultural fertilizer.

agricultural fertilizer


The facility faced a critical issue with its biosolid material conveyors, equipped with long screw-type conveyors supported by greased roller bearing assemblies. The gritty and abrasive nature of the solid materials proved detrimental, causing frequent failures in the roller bearing assemblies. This led to increased downtime, maintenance costs, and operational challenges.

Millstream Engineering. Thordon's ThorPlas-Blue


In their quest for a reliable solution, the facility discovered Thordon through their local distributor, Millstream Engineering. Thordon’s ThorPlas-Blue, a thermoplastic material, was recommended for its exceptional wear resistance, mechanical strength, and dimensional stability in the challenging environment with temperatures reaching 45°C.

The existing roller bearing housings were modified to incorporate self-lubricating Thordon bushings and wiper seals, preventing the intrusion of sand and grit. The design ensures the new assembly never seizes, and the user can easily rebuild it by replacing the ThorPlas-Blue inserts and wiper seals as needed.

ThorPlas-Blue inserts and wiper seals as needed. Blue tubes. Bushings, sealings


The ThorPlas-Blue replacement bearings have been in service for almost a year, showcasing promising wear resistance. Early indicators suggest a wear life of over two years, representing a significant improvement over the previous roller bearing solution.

The cost of initially retrofitting the roller bearing assemblies with Thordon’s solution was approximately $2,500 per assembly, significantly less than the cost of new roller bearings. For future rebuilds, the cost is further reduced to about $500 per insert, offering substantial savings compared to the previous roller bearing rebuild cost of $7,000.

ThorPlas-Blue replacement bearings , Application

Future Prospects

Buoyed by the success of the ThorPlas-Blue solution, the wastewater treatment facility is now considering Thordon for other applications within its operations. With the expertise of Millstream Engineering, ongoing collaboration aims to identify and address rotating equipment challenges, extending maintenance intervals and enhancing equipment uptime throughout the facility.

In conclusion, Thordon’s innovative materials have not only resolved a critical issue for the wastewater treatment facility but also paved the way for potential advancements in various applications within the plant, promising a more reliable and cost-effective future.