Elevating Water Filtration in Hydropower and Industrial Applications with Thordon’s Water Quality Package

Elevating Water Filtration in Hydropower and Industrial Applications with Thordon’s Water Quality Package
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Elevating Water Filtration in Hydropower and Industrial Applications with Thordon’s Water Quality Package

Water stands as an essential resource, particularly in hydropower and industrial settings where its purity is crucial for ensuring seamless operations. In our previous exploration of water filtration challenges, we unveiled the intricate web of issues faced by industries, from diverse water sources to stringent environmental regulations. Today, we shine a spotlight on the Thordon Water Quality Package, an innovative solution designed to overcome these challenges and revolutionize water filtration in hydropower and industrial applications. 

In the realm of industrial water management, Thordon Bearings Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking solution – the Thordon Water Quality Package. This innovative system is meticulously designed to supply conditioned water for bearing and seal lubrication and cooling, presenting a paradigm shift in operational wear life for water-lubricated bearings and seals.

Water Filteration

Key Features of the Thordon Water Quality Package

  • Centrifugal Action for Enhanced Wear Life:

The system employs centrifugal action to effectively remove suspended particles from the water supply. By doing so, it significantly promotes longer operational wear life for water-lubricated bearings and seals, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse industrial applications. 

  • Precise Flow Monitoring and Purging Control:

Equipped with advanced controls, the package monitors the flow rate of the water supply with precision. Additionally, it features an intelligent purging mechanism that efficiently eliminates accumulated residue from the separator unit. This meticulous control mechanism contributes to the optimal performance of the entire system. 

  • Robust Design for Varied Conditions:

The Thordon Water Quality Package is engineered to withstand pressures up to 7 bar (100 PSI), underlining its robust design for industrial demands. It is sized to deliver a minimum flow rate of 0.30 litres/minute/mm for turbine main guide bearings, ensuring adaptability to a range of shaft sizes. 

  • Efficient Removal of Suspended Solids:

The system effectively removes suspended solids with a specific gravity of 1.2 or higher and particles larger than 100 microns/150 mesh size. This ensures that the water supplied for lubrication and cooling is consistently free from contaminants that could compromise bearing and seal performance. 

  • Comprehensive Package Components:

Comprising an electrically driven centrifugal pump, a separator, an air/electric-actuated ball valve for purging, a non-return globe valve, a flow meter, piping, and electrical controls, the Water Quality Package offers a comprehensive solution for industrial water management. 

Versatility and Integration

The Thordon Water Quality Package is versatile, capable of supplying water to main guide bearings and shaft seals for lubrication and cooling. It operates on a stand-alone basis or can be seamlessly integrated into control and monitoring systems, allowing for unmanned machinery space operation. 

Tailored Configurations and Global Support

With three Water Quality Package configurations catering to a wide range of shaft sizes, Thordon ensures flexibility and installation redundancy. Collaborating with integrators, designers, and builders, Thordon addresses specific needs for unique installations. The company’s global network of distributors provides extensive support, emphasizing its commitment to customer satisfaction. 

In summary, Thordon’s Water Quality Package emerges as a revolutionary solution, setting new standards in industrial water management. Its meticulous design, advanced controls, and adaptability underscore its pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and longevity of water-lubricated bearings and shaft seals across diverse industrial applications.

As we conclude this exploration into the revolutionary Thordon Water Quality Package and its transformative impact on water filtration in industrial and hydropower applications, stay tuned for our upcoming blog. In the next installment, we’ll delve into success stories and case studies, shedding light on the tangible benefits and positive outcomes achieved by implementing the Thordon Water Quality Package in real-world scenarios. Join us on this journey of innovation and practical application, showcasing how Thordon continues to shape the landscape of water management in diverse industrial and hydropower settings.