Thordon Bearings & Millstream Engineering – All Around Ontario.

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Thordon Bearings & Millstream Engineering – All Around Ontario.

The Millstream Team recently presented a webinar through the Ontario Waterpower Association, giving an overview of the innovative products, comprehensive technical services, and creative solutions that Millstream Engineering can offer to equipment manufacturers and hydro utilities.  They also presented several recent installation cases where Thordon Bearings have been installed in turbines touching almost every corner of Ontario, from Kenora to Ottawa, and Timmins to Niagara!

These installation cases include a couple of refurbishment examples – upgrading old greased bronze wicket gate bearings to self-lubricated bearings, and finding a solution to extend wear life in an older staved-type turbine guide bearing in a vertical unit.  In new installation examples, the presentation will highlight a guide bearing used in a small turbine for energy recovery from a wastewater treatment plant, and a large diameter water lubricated horizontal turbine guide bearing used in a major refurbishment project.

If you missed the live session, you can still view the webinar here!