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Thorseals: Revolutionizing Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Maintenance

Thorseals: Revolutionizing Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Maintenance by Thordon Bearings and Millstream engineering
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Thorseals: Revolutionizing Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Maintenance

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are the workhorses of the industrial world, powering everything from manufacturing machinery to construction equipment. However, the technicians tasked with their upkeep know all too well the challenges these systems present. Leakage, either external or internal, poses not only safety risks but also operational inefficiencies and environmental concerns. Traditional sealing solutions have often been a stopgap, leading to costly repairs and downtime. 

The Age-Old Problem of Cylinder Sealing

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are the workhorses of the industrial world

Leakages can create hazardous conditions, necessitating the continual replenishment of expensive fluids or the generation of additional compressed air. Moreover, the disposal of hydraulic fluids now carries significant environmental implications. Internal leaks degrade equipment performance, causing cylinder drift and overheating, which in turn necessitates frequent adjustments and ultimately, shutdowns for repairs.

The Age-Old Problem of Cylinder Sealing
Traditional fabric or composite seals are prone to tearing and abrasion, further complicating maintenance efforts by clogging filters and control valves. In sum, efficient operation and minimizing downtime have become paramount, with the seal being a critical component in achieving these goals. 

Enter Thorseals: The Modern Solution

diverse range of Thorseals, tailored to meet every operational need.

Recognizing these challenges, Thordon’s engineers and designers, in close collaboration with maintenance personnel, set out to redefine what a seal could be. Their research into numerous cylinder seal failures led to the development of the Thorseal polymer. This innovative material is tough, abrasive resistant, self-lubricating, and impervious to most fluids—attributes that directly address the needs of the industry. 

To better illustrate the innovation behind our solution, here’s a chart showcasing the diverse range of Thorseals, tailored to meet every operational need. 

Diverse range of Thorseals, tailored to meet every operational need.

Key Features of Thorseals

Features of Thorseals

Long Wear Life: Thorseals boast an exceptional wear life due to their high tensile strength, an indicator of superior wear resistance. This durability significantly reduces the frequency and cost of replacements. To underscore the superiority of Thorseals, this chart compares material properties other commonly used seal materials, highlighting the significant advantage of the Thorseal polymer. 

  • Stability in Hydraulic Fluids: The non-absorbent, oil-resistant nature of the Thorseal polymer ensures that seals maintain their integrity without swelling, softening, or extruding due to fluid absorption. 
  • Lifetime Self-Lubrication: By incorporating self-lubricating particles throughout the polymer, Thorseals minimize friction, heat, and wear on both the seal and cylinder, extending the service life of the machinery. 
  • High Strength and Toughness: Designed to withstand shock loads and high pressures, Thorseals resist extrusion and damage to their tapered lips, avoiding the common pitfalls of fabric-reinforced seals that can contaminate hydraulic systems. 
  • Indefinite Shelf Life: Unlike rubber seals, which can degrade over time, Thorseals retain their performance characteristics indefinitely, ensuring they are as effective years from storage as on the day they were made. 
  • Ease of Installation: The robustness of the Thorseal polymer simplifies installation processes, reducing the risk of damage during fitting and further lowering maintenance times and costs. 
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The Thorseal Advantage

With their innovative design and material properties, Thorseals offer a comprehensive solution to the longstanding challenges of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder maintenance. The result is not just an improvement in operational efficiency and safety but also a significant reduction in environmental impact. For technicians and operations personnel, Thorseals represent a leap forward in minimizing downtime and extending the life of machinery. 

To learn more about how Thorseals can enhance your operations, download the Thorseal product manual here, or contact Millstream Engineering for a tailored review of your application.